Sudanatheel TR.CO.L.L.C

✔️Saffron ✔️ Tea Bag

Production of products based on saffron

Saffron in different packages and weights, from the smallest package for home consumption to half-kilo packages for industrial and commercial use, as well as processed production of saffron for home and industrial use, diversity in the production of dried fruit and nuts, production of candies in individual packages and according to the customer’s order, the production of all kinds of spices in beautiful and easy-to-use packages, and all of these products are produced with the best quality and the highest quality products with accurate weight measurement systems and by trained and experienced people. .

"PUSHAL" ~ by Saffron

"negin" ~ by Saffron

"Fazel" ~ by Saffron

✔️Torshi ✔️Jam and Honey ✔️Condiment

✔️Chocolate Cake ✔️Biscuits ✔️Tuna Fish ✔️Wet Wipes

✔️Dried Fruit ✔️Sugar Candy ✔️Spaghetti and Pasta

Strategic goals

Utilizing the most advanced technology in industrial production and product packaging to achieve the highest production quality by supplying the highest quality agricultural products, obtaining global national standards, diversity in weight, beauty in product design, considering the highest rights for dear consumers, a way is never ending and we are by your side until reaching the highest peaks of perfection.

"a" ~ by Saffron

"c" ~ by Saffron

"b" ~ by Saffron